Gurnee Park and Amphitheater
1052 Route 45 - Pomona
  • Parking

Acreage: 23

Access: East side of Route 45 in Mount Ivy

Directions: From exit 12 Palisades Parkway travel north on Route 45. Entrance is on the right some 800 feet before the intersection of Route 202.

Parking: At entrance to park, or on weekends and holidays at commuter parking lot at intersection of Route 45 and Route 202.

General Description: It is an old quarry arena, having a 40 to 80 foot escarpment as a backdrop. The grounds are hard packed with traprock, and partly covered with brush and small trees.

History: The park is named after a large tract of land owned by the Gurnee family. Mount Ivy Park is part of this holding; the quarry was a commercial venture of the original owner. The quarry first began business in 1896 and continued for 34 years. Rock was removed by hand drilling and blasting. The crushed stone was shipped by rail from the former Mount Ivy railroad station. The high quality of the stone was used for driveway and roadbeds throughout eastern and southern New York. The westerly end of South Mountain Park lies just south of Gurnee Park and runs along the ridge eastward for almost two miles to Central Highway. Acquired in 1981 through tax delinquency.

Present Use: Geologic study, hiking

Future Plans: The possibilities of imaginative development of this park are numerous. Outdoor theatrical and musical programs as well as art display have been suggested, like a local Art Park. It has excellent assembly value with the wall as a sound backdrop. Plans to construct a parking area at the entrance to the park are currently under review.

Wildlife of Record: White-tailed Deer, Woodchuck, Skunk, Rabbits, Squirrel, Red-tailed Hawk, Numerous Songbirds and Flycatchers.

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